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Why women approach me
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Some of you may be wondering why I get approached and complimented by so many women. And I know what you’re thinking, that it’s my looks or because I‘m black. That’s only partially true. I’d say that I’m only an 8 in the looks department, not enough to constantly get approached and my ego stroked by women that I don’t know. Not even men that are more physically attractive than I am get approached as much as I do. Why not? Because there is a system. Although physical attraction is a part of the reason, it's not the entirety of it.

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 Your typical black guy
A lot of it has to do with the fact that I stand out in a good way. For instance, I dress better than just about every guy I come across. Combine that with my height, and this causes women to immediately notice me when I walk into a bar. And then you add this onto the fact that I’m not your typical black guy. I don’t really dress like a black guy (I wear skinny jeans and casual/dress shoes instead of baggy clothes and sneakers), and you don’t really see black guys with any kind of facial piercing.

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 Other Guy
Next, I make myself available. At some point, I realized that women are intimidated by men with groups of people, so I spend a lot of my time standing either alone, or with one other guy. Even when I’m with a group of people, I don‘t stand or sit with the general conglomerate because it takes away from the boldness women might otherwise have if they saw me standing alone.

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 Approach a guy
When women see me standing alone, they’re like “OK, I have no excuse not to approach this guy now.”. Other men make themselves inapproachable because they always feel the need to be standing with a group of people. And no woman wants to approach a guy that’s with a group of people. And finally, I just chill out. For instance, you won’t see me doing anything weird or approaching many women, if at all. I know that if a girl finds me attractive, she’s going to be watching my every move to see if I’m a guy that she can actually see herself with.

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 Final Words
As long as I don’t do anything weird, or set off “player” alarms by gaming every girl I see, she’s either going to approach me, or make sure that I notice that she’s interested in me. There are a few other things I do, but as you can see, there is a general strategy behind getting women to approach me.

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